Hindenburg The Final Moments

The Hindenburg, Dr.Hugo Eckner’s greatest achievement. The day the massive floating fortress’ age of flying came to an end. Of the 97 people on board 62 survived the horrible disaster which no one could seem to uncover. Why did the Hindenburg explode? What caused it? The Hindenburg’s final moments.  


The documentary recalls the last moments the world famous Zeppelin spent in the air. Dr. Hugo Eckner, the ground crew, crew members, and survivors of the crash, all came together to hold a testimony of what happened on May 6th, 1973, Lakehurst, New Jersey. As the Hindenburg came into the port, an explosion. 34 seconds is all it took to bring the massive airship out of the sky. Three days after a testimony was called  


As the testimony went on Dr. Hugo Eckner concluded his own theory as to why the        Massive Zeppelin exploded. Many of the people included in the testimony had their own explanations about the explosion. Eckner is upset and devastated, he wishes to know the cause of the explosion of the Hindenburg. He revises notes and witness accounts of the disaster. Finally he is ready. To this day Dr. Hugo Eckner’s theory is still the most logical account as to why the Hindenburg went up in flames.           


The film does pertain its captivating qualities, since there have been many scientist who have tried, but none have succeeded in concluding a better theory. Many scientist still are trying to prove a better reason about the explosion. I might try to prove Eckner’s theory wrong one day.


Some people will never know why the Hindenburg crashed, I guess that’s where Eckner’s theory comes into play. Throughout the whole scenario, the news report was the only source of how people across America knew about the final moments of the Hindenburg, the greatest airship to ever soar through the sky.   


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  1. You did a great job on controlling the amount of detail you included.


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