Max Polanco-Price


ELA; Per: 3

17 October 2016


     Omens, signs, Some omens that I  have experienced are that when my aunt whom had recently passed away, was talking to me even though she wasn’t there. The signs she had told me to look for were to be careful crossing the street. She was right I almost got run over by a giant Cadillac SUV.  this is a sign of a good omen. Another good omen that I have recently experienced was a trip to France. The sign that I had received was that the keys to my apartment were lost. I stayed at a friend’s apartment that night, and exactly where I was staying before there was a terrorist act.

Some omens are good some bad, we experience omens all the time, although we don’t know it we create our own omens either good or evil. Some people are believed to have received an omen directly from the angles or the moon. Those who are occultists receive omens from the devil himself. As for me I receive omens from relatives long passed and yet to come.  For those yet to come I leave this saying or omen as you might. Whatever you chant Whatever you brew, sooner or later it comes back to you. So many times it has come back to me in horrible ways.


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