Max Polanco-Price


ELA; Per: 3



Benevolence, to express kindly feelings towards another. Being benevolent means to be kind in ways such to express yourself to others, and for others to express themselves to you. Being benevolent is when I share my stories with the elderly so they become happy. Benevolence is the true meaning of happiness. I am benevolent to my friends as they are benevolent to me and this is the way that our friendships work. My relationships are formed from being benevolent with the other person. My relationship with my dad is solely based on being benevolent and trustworthy. The same as with my friends. To be benevolent means to not hold any secrets back and to be trustworthy. To be helpful to others and to help your community. Being benevolent is to be your own parent to trust your own instincts and goodwill. Giving food to the homeless and to the soup kitchen is to be benevolent. Being benevolent means that you do something out of the goodness of your own heart. This is what it means to be benevolent.


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